By: Culturati Team

Steven T.

“I think that, anytime our habits are disrupted, we recover some kind of creativity. I think the thing that we learned was first of all, people can be remarkably productive whenever they are supported, whenever adaptations can be made in the direction of accommodating their real life, and also that we figured as we move into this new era and we couldn’t do stuff the old way that sometimes how we interacted was significant in our sense of belonging meaning as the content of our conversations, the substance of our discussions.”

“If you go…

By Guillermo Mendoza

Guillermo Mendoza turns managers into leaders and works with organizations to create cultures built around coaching and mentorship. He helps executive leaders and their teams create consciousness, develop leadership, and get results through neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and coaching.

High-performing executives and leaders have long hired outside coaches to develop their people management style and presence, work through their blocks and biases, and transform their careers.

Increasingly, I’m seeing that organizations are taking what they’ve learned via classic coaching relationships and implementing related frameworks and best practices company-wide.

What historically was an individual engagement between a…

By Culturati Team

Ed. Note: At our annual Culturati Summit we present an Innovation Hub of some of the best tools and platforms we’ve encountered in our travels.

We’ve also decided to start using Culturati: Magazine to highlight new offerings we think genuinely deserve your attention.

We invited Ceresa to participate this month because of their particular focus on helping diverse leaders rise. Executive coaching — and leadership development — has been an exclusive, elite activity for too long. They are the perfect addition to this issue.

We met with co-founder and CEO Anna Robinson last week. Below is a…

By Josh Jones-Dilworth

Ed. Note. Every time Prakash and I get together, the conversation just flows. For this piece, we sat down for a fireside chat, which has been transcribed for your reading pleasure. Prakash is one of the deepest thinkers I know about what makes humans tick and what we need to be great at work together.


Prakash Raman serves as a high-performance coach to CEOs and executives at leading public and private Silicon Valley companies. Prior to coaching, Prakash worked on Wall Street (Merrill Lynch), a non-profit (focused on corporate diversity), brand management (Kraft), a failed startup…

By Amelia Gandomi Lewis and Kevin LaHaise

Ed. Note: Amelia and Kevin have been working together as coach and client for just over a decade. We were delighted that they agreed to co-author a post together on a topic and technique that they have found to consistently produce breakthroughs.


Amelia Gandomi Lewis is a speaker, coach, and facilitator who helps leaders own their executive presence in order to motivate and inspire their teams to greatness. Kevin LaHaise is a Vice President of Marketing at JDI.


We all tell ourselves stories. Sometimes we do it consciously, sometimes unconsciously. But…

By Liz Jones-Dilworth & Jay Brenneman

Ed. Note: for this interview, Jay met with his friend and client Liz Jones-Dilworth, co-owner and VP of Operations at JDI.


Jay Brenneman has cultivated deep personal and professional change for his clients for over 40 years. A seasoned observer of individual, team, and organizational behavior, Jay guides teams and individuals through the frontier of their growth and development as leaders.

And as founder of VOCARE, Jay integrates his graduate education in psychology at Denver University, an agrarian upbringing, 25 years of marriage and family counseling, and his faith to teach $5–250M business-owning…

By Greg Henry

Ed. Note: Culturati member Greg Henry wrote this awesome piece about his collaboration with his coach Shane Hipps, who you’ll learn more about below.

I asked Greg to write about what coaching looks like from the client perspective, and what he’s learned along the way. Greg knows more about coaches, coaching, and the coaching industry than any other exec I know.

I’m incredibly proud of Greg for opening up about his story so that we can all learn a thing or two about having the right conversations, and getting back in touch with reality. Enjoy!



By Monique Maley

Ed. Note: Monique is the best communications-focused coach we know. We asked Monique about the one thing that she wishes she could get every leader to do consistently; below is her answer.


Monique Maley runs Articulate Persuasion, where she helps professionals scale their companies and careers through rapid growth by scaling their leadership alongside the organization. She has a particular passion for working with under-supported founders.


I think of a growing organization as a multi-decker bus. When the business starts and operations are small, there is only one level.

Everyone feels every bump and pothole…

By Josh Jones-Dilworth

Josh is co-founder of Culturati and a Director at the Entrepreneurs Foundation; he also executive produced The Culture Book and ran Programming at Culturati for many years. He currently serves on the Steering Committee and publishes Culturati: Magazine.

Welcome to Coach Me? — our theme for the June issue of Culturati: Magazine.

Each month’s issue is curated around a prevailing theme, by a guest editor. I’m taking the first 3 months in order to iterate on our process and keep the seat warm for more well-qualified replacements!

If you are interested in guest editing an issue for…

By Henry Nothhaft, Jr., Alioth

Henry Nothhaft, Jr. is the President and Chief Product Officer at Alioth, the new standard for building exceptional teams and culture.

My colleague at Alioth, Rusty Rueff, recently described returning to work post-COVID as the reentry of a rocketship from space. If we come in too steep and fast, we’ll burn up before we land; if we come in too slow and shallow, we’ll crash off the Earth’s surface. It requires the kind of precision and fine-tuned adjustments that are simply difficult to imagine.

I love this metaphor, and it’s something we’re all experiencing at…

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