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My name is Albert Swantner and I am excited to serve as a 2022 Culturati Summit Co-Chair. We are gearing up for an engaging and thoughtful 2022 conference that will help culture leaders navigate these uncertain times by deep diving into conversations around the future of the workplace and the…

Business leader & political innovator Katherine Gehl (co-author of the Politics Industry with Prof. Michael Porter) and Eugene Sepulveda discussed today’s broken political system and what competitive reforms are required to reshape the system to benefit us all. Award-winning Chicago journalist Andy Shaw moderated the discussion.

Eugene Sepulveda


By More In Common

Ed. Note: The Threads of Texas is a research project launched by More in Common to understand change in Texas: the divergent views toward change that are pulling Texans apart, and the shared identity and dreams for the future that can bring Texans together.

Below is…

By Josh Jones-Dilworth

Acts of Service

As noted in my opening piece for this month’s issue Polarized, a common theme in the literature about how to combat polarization is the importance of “acts of service.”

We’ve been wanting to run an experiment like this for awhile now, and figured there’s no better prompt…

By Greater Good Magazine

Ed. Note: Greater Good Magazine is one of our favorites. It “turns scientific research into stories, tips, and tools for a happier life and a more compassionate society.”

The magazine is published by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley. Since 2001…

By Josh Jones-Dilworth


Josh is co-founder of Culturati and a Director at the Entrepreneurs Foundation; he also executive produced The Culture Book and ran Programming at Culturati for many years. He currently serves on the Steering Committee and runs Culturati: Magazine.

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Welcome to Polarized — our theme…

By Culturati Team

American Fiesta Revisited

15 years ago, Culturati member and speaker Steven Tomlinson’s play American Fiesta debuted off-Broadway after excellent reviews of three stagings in Austin. Polarization is a central theme.

We sat down with Tomlinson to revisit the play and discuss how polarization in America has evolved. …

By Culturati Team

By the Numbers: A Massive Divide

A larger-than-ever ideological divides persist on views of tradition, national pride and discrimination, especially in the U.S.

The data below are among the findings of a new Pew Research Center survey this May, conducted among 4,069 adults in the France, Germany, the UK and the U.S. The…

Parallels Between Coaching 7-Year-Olds and Leading a Business

via Instagram aslyons

photo by aslyons
  1. Less is more when learning something new/taking on complex systems — focus on fewer things but consistent execution
  2. Always focus on fundamentals — See #1
  3. Talent wins — very difficult to overcome a talent gap — successfully doing everything else on this list closes that gap, but it’s still very hard.
  4. Put your aces in their places — putting people in the right position to be successful is critical It’s your job as a leader/coach to identify talent and utilize it accordingly. Just because a player/employee wants to play/work a certain position doesn’t mean that’s the best position for them or the team — be open to new ideas/perspectives from direct reports on this and other matters.
  5. Be patient and have fun — focus on small wins and getting 1% better each day.

Link to original instagram post.

By: Culturati Team

Steven T.

“I think that, anytime our habits are disrupted, we recover some kind of creativity. I think the thing that we learned was first of all, people can be remarkably productive whenever they are supported, whenever adaptations can be made in the direction of accommodating…

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