By Henry Nothhaft, Jr., Alioth

Henry Nothhaft, Jr. is the President and Chief Product Officer at Alioth, the new standard for building exceptional teams and culture.

My colleague at Alioth, Rusty Rueff, recently described returning to work post-COVID as the reentry of a rocketship from space. If we come in too steep and fast, we’ll burn up before we land; if we come in too slow and shallow, we’ll crash off the Earth’s surface. It requires the kind of precision and fine-tuned adjustments that are simply difficult to imagine.

I love this metaphor, and it’s something we’re all experiencing at…

By Amy Averett, SAFE Institute

Amy is Director of the SAFE Institute, the professional training arm of The SAFE Alliance. SAFE brings 40+ years of violence prevention expertise to top businesses foster safe, respectful work spaces.

Recently I saw a friend I don’t communicate with regularly. As we fumbled awkwardly for conversation starters, I blurted out “So, how was your pandemic?”

As a full-on extrovert with pretty decent social skills, it was the best I could come up with. So much has happened over the past year — a global pandemic, isolation, political division and upheaval, a racial reckoning, in…

By Josh Jones-Dilworth

Culturati member and keynote speaker Admiral James Stavridis is currently atop almost every bestseller list with his new book 2034, co-authored with Elliot Ackerman.

Jim and his publisher were kind enough to send along the first chapter for Culturati members to sample. To download the first chapter of 2034, please click here.

2034 is off-topic to this month’s theme of The Great Restart but we couldn’t resist a bit of fun on top. Buy and read the book — it is excellent.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with Jim for a short interview about…

By Mindy Gulati, Fundamental Advisory

Mindy is an equity & inclusion strategist, attorney, virtual DEI officer, and leadership coach. She founded and serves as CEO of Fundamental Advisory, a consultancy that helps create more equitable outcomes for organizations and their employees.

Recently, I was asked to do my first in-person workshop after 14 months of working from my home office. The experience was illuminating; as a trial lawyer, a public speaker, and a facilitator of hundreds of workshops, I’m never uncomfortable in front of an audience.

However, the reality when I got onto stage was a shock. For six hours…

By Kim Tidwell and Jen Spencer, The Creative Executive

The Creative Executive helps growing/in-transition companies, passionate about their work and impact, navigate changes and opportunities in leadership and culture.


Working immersively with organizations and teams, we hear a lot of different things from a lot of different people. One of the consistent themes from our most recent conversations with clients is how best to reintegrate our teams and workspaces.

There are plenty of discussions to be had about what to do and the logistics of it all. But the more important sub-text of the reintegration discourse is this: How…

By Josh Jones-Dilworth, Co-Founder

Josh is co-founder of Culturati and a Director at the Entrepreneurs Foundation; he also executive produced The Culture Book and ran Programming at Culturati for many years. He currently serves on the Steering Committee and publishes Culturati: Magazine.

Welcome to The Great Restart, our theme for the May issue of Culturati: Magazine.

I really like thinking of this as a restart — a commencement. A chance to begin again. A new line of thought. We get to meet each other again, in a sense. …

By Culturati Staff

Ed. note — thank you to everyone who responded to our survey last week. We can always count on the Culturati community to be responsive and open with your playbooks. Here’s what you told us.

One of the great things about Culturati is the ability to set baselines. In every issue moving forward we’ll collect fresh data from our community about what we’re doing, what’s working, and what’s most pressing overall.

68% of respondents to this month’s survey currently hold a C-suite role; the rest hold senior executive or equivalent positions. …

By: Maria Brown-Spence, Manager of Member Company Programs, Entrepreneur's Foundation

Culturati: LIVE Presents- Decoding the Black Experience
Culturati: LIVE Presents- Decoding the Black Experience

Dr. Kazique Prince (CEO/Jelani Consulting), Madison Butler (Founder/CEO, Blue Haired Unicorn, LLC), Netta Jenkins (Co-Founder, Dipper) and moderated by Maria Brown-Spence (EF’s Manager of Member Company Programs) in honor of Black History Month, shared insight on being black in corporate america and how allies, can support their often marginalized colleagues.

Let’s start by defining a few terms and introducing our panelists and the companies they represent to do the work.

The Crown Act: Created in 2019 by Dove and the CROWN Coalition to ensure protection against discrimination based on race-based…

By: James Buck Bracey IV

One of the things I love about working at DISCO is the innate culture of caring. In 2017, after a massive company effort during Hurricane Harvey, our employees and leadership banded together to found DISCO Cares, the philanthropic arm of DISCO.

Driven by our employees and supported by our leadership, DISCO Cares works to make an impact in the communities where we live and work. Our DISCO Cares mission is simple: to help is human. Our Discovians carry out this mission in three focus areas:

  • Investing in STEM education for the next generation in underserved…

Culturati Team

Culturati is a community of CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and other c-suite leaders who practice & study culture building and share our play books.

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