By: Maria Brown-Spence, Manager of Member Company Programs, Entrepreneur's Foundation

Culturati: LIVE Presents- Decoding the Black Experience
Culturati: LIVE Presents- Decoding the Black Experience

Dr. Kazique Prince (CEO/Jelani Consulting), Madison Butler (Founder/CEO, Blue Haired Unicorn, LLC), Netta Jenkins (Co-Founder, Dipper) and moderated by Maria Brown-Spence (EF’s Manager of Member Company Programs) in honor of Black History Month, shared insight on being black in corporate america and how allies, can support their often marginalized colleagues.

Let’s start by defining a few terms and introducing our panelists and the companies they represent to do the work.

The Crown Act: Created in 2019 by Dove and the CROWN Coalition to ensure protection against discrimination based on race-based…

By: James Buck Bracey IV

One of the things I love about working at DISCO is the innate culture of caring. In 2017, after a massive company effort during Hurricane Harvey, our employees and leadership banded together to found DISCO Cares, the philanthropic arm of DISCO.

Driven by our employees and supported by our leadership, DISCO Cares works to make an impact in the communities where we live and work. Our DISCO Cares mission is simple: to help is human. Our Discovians carry out this mission in three focus areas:

  • Investing in STEM education for the next generation in underserved…

By: Matthew Duncan, Culturati Steering Committee

I had the opportunity to sit down with Tristan Walker, founder of Walker & Company, which sells grooming products for people of color, which was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2018. Tristan is an inspiring entrepreneur, black business leader and authentic culture advocate. I asked him to share his view on the role values play in defining corporate culture. It was a fascinating conversation, shared below in his words. — Matthew Duncan, Culturati Steering Committee

I was recently asked how I defined culture within my company. For me, the answer is easy: First…

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The pandemic has put a spotlight on the mental health crisis in a new and immediate way — a way that cannot be ignored. The stress, anxiety, isolation and uncertainty of this time are not only raising awareness, but pushing us as individuals and as a society to have the honest conversations we always needed to have about mental health — especially when it comes to taking action.

So this Mental Health Month, we have an opportunity. As the pandemic accelerates a mental health crisis that already existed, we can take steps to identify our own…

By Suraj Hinduja

Pelotonia is a community determined to see an end to cancer. Based in Columbus, Ohio their mission is to engage, inspire, and challenge us all to change the world by accelerating innovative cancer research. They started as a grassroots bike ride. A weekend for serious cyclists and even folks who hadn’t been on a bike since age 12 (likely one with a giant basket and handlebar streamers) to come together and make a difference. But it’s become so much more, as year after year they raise critical funds to fight a disease that impacts us all.


By: Vaishali Jadhav

Steve Zahm- President and Chief Culture Officer, Procore

Procore’s vision is to improve the lives of everyone in construction. This is a vision it doesn’t take lightly and as I wrap up my first year at Procore, I know first-hand that Procore is making an impact in an industry that needs transformation. To understand how Procore is making an impact for its employees and for the construction industry, I interviewed Procore’s President and Chief Culture Officer, Steve Zahm.

VJ: I have worked with several culture-first organizations like The Gallup Organization, Whole Foods and Indeed and have been so impressed with Procore’s culture. Give us an…

By Dr. Kazique J. Prince

At times, I’m reminded to give myself permission to be utterly enraged; unapologetic, dignified rage at this world we live in. This is not anger that I share openly most of the time. I take great strides to hide, conceal, and bind it up. On occasion, it may leak out, especially, when I experience a personal wrong or witness people being degraded.

It is an unfortunate feeling to become accustomed to vile behavior. Each day, I rise in the morning to hear news stories about students or faith community members cowering in fear at the…

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