How to use Hubilo - the Event Platform for Virtual Culturati Summit

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To log into the event, you can do so by clicking on the following link:

If you are on the registration page, you can log into the event by clicking the “Go To Event” button at the top right of the page.

To log in, you will need to enter the email address you used to purchase your ticket. If your email is associated with a social media account, you will have the option to log in using a social media account of your choice. If your email is not associated.

Time Zone

IMPORTANT: Once logged in, you will need to to choose your time zone. After you save your time zone, all times listed within the Hubilo event site will update accordingly.

You can always update your time zone at a later date if needed. Please see the Settings section below for more information on how to make that change.


After you log in, you will be prompted to enter additional information about yourself to complete your profile. This information will be able to be viewed by other attendees. Hubilo will also use this information to help you discover new people and relevant opportunities within the event.


Once inside the event, you will be automatically redirected to the Reception area. Here, you will see highlighted programming, sponsor information, and engagement opportunities within the event.

To access these event opportunities, you can do so by using the main menu located at the top of the screen. You can find more information on each event section and how to best utilize the platform below.

For additional help, you can click on the orange dot that appears on the event page. Clicking on the orange dot will prompt a short tutorial on that event section.


Programming information can be found in the “Agenda” section of the event page. Session information such as title, speakers, description, and time, can be found in this section.

Depicted below is a session that can be found in the Agenda section of Hubilo. In order to read a detailed description of the session, you can hover over any part of the white box and an option, “More Info ⌄”, will appear at the bottom of the box.

Once you click on the “More Info ⌄” option, a popup window will appear with the session information. Included in this pop up window, are options to: Add to Calendar, Take a Note, and Add to My Schedule.

When a session is live, you will see a button that says “Join Session” on the bottom right of the session box. Note: All sessions are available for viewing after completion and can be found in the Agenda section.

Add to Calendar

This option allows you to add a session to your personal calendar. Integrations include: Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Yahoo Calendar.

Take a Note

You can make notes throughout the duration of the event on sessions, speakers or attendees. These are accessible in your briefcase which will be discussed later in the Profile Section.

Add to My Schedule

Hubilo has a schedule feature, separate from the calendar feature, that is only accessible while logged into the event. You can add your sessions, 1:1 meetings, block certain times, and download your event schedule as a PDF or .ics file.

  • Adding 1:1 meetings to your Schedule/Calendar: Your 1:1 meetings will be added to your schedule. You will be able to find both ‘Accepted’ and ‘Pending’ meetings in ‘My Schedule’.
  • Block time in your Schedule/Calendar: You can block certain time during the event by selecting the time on your schedule so that no meetings can be scheduled You can block the calendar everyday at the same time by selecting ‘Every Day’ or you can block the time as a one off by selecting ‘Does not repeat’.
  • Download your Schedule/Calendar: You can download your Schedule by clicking on ‘Download’ option in ‘My Schedule’.


You have the opportunity to visit exhibitor booths throughout the event to learn more about sponsors and their products and services. To visit a booth, find your desired booth and click anywhere within its designated box. You will then be redirected to inside the booth. Here, you will see a detailed description of the sponsor, contact information, chat options with sponsor members, and information on products and services.


Lounge tables allow all attendees to network with one another via video and microphone. Lounge tables vary from casual chats to dedicated topics. To enter a lounge table, click on your desired table and allow Hubilo to access your microphone and camera.


During this event, we will have opportunities for our attendees to attend a live demo or presentation for a sponsor. Depending on the room, you may be allowed to talk with a speaker via microphone and camera or via chat.


At the top right of your screen, you will find your calendar, notifications, messages, and settings.

Clicking on your profile picture, or bubble if you don’t have a picture, will allow you to do the following:

  • Edit Profile — Edit any details on your profile.
  • My Briefcase — This is where your notes for sessions, speakers, and attendees live.
  • My Bookmarks — Favorited sessions, speakers, or attendees can be found here.
  • Ticket Invoices — Invoice for the ticket you purchased for the event.
  • Settings — Update your desktop/mobile notifications as well as desktop notifications.
  • Language and Time Zone — Update your time zone.
  • Time Zone (24 Hours) — Option to have your time zone in 24 hour time.

Side Menu

Event Feed

The event feed is where attendees can showcase highlights, discussion topics, promotions, offers and more. These highlights and posts can be viewed by other attendees and is a great way for attendees to interact with one another now matter where they are located in the event!


Want a fun, competitive way to engage with all the event has to offer? Head to the leaderboard to learn more! The leaderboard shows attendees that have engaged in different features throughout the event. To learn more about how you can earn points, click the “points” button on the top right of the ribbon under Leaderboard.

Happening Now

Happening now allows you to see a brief overview of what is happening right now throughout the event, including what is happening in the agenda, rooms, and lounges.


If you’d like to see who is attending the event or would like to get to know more about a certain attendee/speaker, you can find that information in the People tab. To see the attendees/speaker profile, hover over their profile and click their name. You are also able to see their availability to schedule a meeting or chat through the event platform.



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